The history of the Argyrakis Handmade workshop begins 38 years ago.

It was in 1975 when Father Argyrakis’ love and passion for wood became a means of livelihood. From then until today, the same people continue to design and channel their passion and experience, so that the processing of wood and raw materials in general create “works of art”.

Having, therefore, a variety of applications in many different types of constructions, as well as the desire of our customers to offer complete solutions led to the creation of a showroom – exhibition so that we can exhibit some of our handmade constructions.

Our long-term successful course, which withstands the tests of the market, is a result of the quality, innovation, consistency and respect we show to our customers.

Our exhibition is open only by appointment! Call us now to book your appointment at 210 2753903 or e-mail and we will help you make the furniture you are looking for! We will show you all our constructions and we will solve all your questions about the construction of furniture.

You can visit us and get to know us up close and let us help you with our experience to find your personal style.

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